Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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GURGAON: Whoever said a "dog's life'' to vent his frustration should have seen the royal treatment given to canines dressed in the best at a show
International dog festival
An international dog festival in Gurgaon. (TOI)
in Gurgaon on Sunday. Indeed, all the dogs at an international dog festival had their day. With over 650 participants 51 breeds from across seven countries, the two-day international show, organised by Brussels-based FCI and Gurgaon Kennel Club (GKC), was an instant hit.

With dog lovers turning up with their pets from Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Mexico, New Zealand besides India, the event that ended on Sunday, was biggest of its kind in north India, claimed the organisers.

"It was an exhilarating experience for dog lovers of the city. The football stadium was totally jampacked with over 15,000 people thronging the show,'' said Sanjay Kapoor, GKS secretary.

On show were breeds such as the pug, Labrador, boxer, dachshund smooth hair, Afghan hound, caravan hound, chippiparai, combai, Irish wolfhound, rajapalayam, saluki, whippet, German shepherd, Welsh corgi, basset hound, beagle and Dalmatian among others.

"They were judged by seven international judges on factors like coat size, temperament, agility and the looks as per standard set by FCI,'' said Vikram Singh, GKC member. He added that although many of the owners were professional groomers and dog handlers, the rest were simply dog lovers.